Eco Clear Additive

With current efforts of recycling, Captiva offers the option to add Eco Clear Additive to all of our bottles. This additive bridges the gap between modern chemistry and microbiology by facilitating the production of naturally occurring enzymes in common waste-environment microorganisms that restructure the polymer into nature's building blocks (soil, air, water). This is done while retaining the shelf integrity, strength, clarity, and recyclability of the plastic.

With the inclusion of our Eco Clear additive, bottles such as yours need not only rely on one source for sustainability, but now provide a secondary measure called Biodegradation if the bottle isn’t recycled.  The final benefit is the energy output being converted back on the power grid.  This is the focus of our Eco Clear technology and is the most responsible approach in managing plastic waste.

Please contact our team if you would like to add Eco Clear on your bottles. Captiva is committed to helping the environment, and is happy to offer a technology committed to achieving this goal.