Welcome to Captiva Containers™ a friendly family company providing tailored packaging solutions to enable our customer's success.

Captiva Containers took shape in 2013 with the idea of servicing a new generation of startup companies innovating in the specialty beverage sector that expect both quality & a high level of flexibility from their packaging suppliers. As a family we decided to embark on the adventure of establishing a new & modern injection blow molding facility to produce the highest quality of rigid packaging. 

Captiva's management is made up of a dynamic set that combine multidisciplinary backgrounds, proud to produce high performance, reliable & safe packaging solutions, right here in the United States!

Captiva's mission is to sustainably provide rigid packaging solutions tailored to our client's success. Our team is guided by this singular focus to advance with innovation, excellence & continuous improvement.


Captiva operates as a design innovation facility that develops packaging concepts & services for niche industries with unique packaging requirements. 

Captiva's products are all born at our modern headquarters & production plant in Miami, Florida and we have in-house production capabilities to service clients all across the Unites States and the Americas.

Our Manufacturing team of engineers specialize in developing rigid packaging with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) that maximize containers' desired performance qualities. With modern, energy efficient & versatile plastic processing equipment, Captiva achieves intricate design while upholding optimal functionality to make an unbeatable packaging solutions

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your business!


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