Our focus is on delivering only top-quality products with continuous improvement techniques. Our products are designed for quality with traceability at every step allowing us to optimize our practices for world-class quality assurance. Captiva has set in place practices & quality assurance procedures for excellence in manufacturing.


Our operations are set up to develop projects from an idea/concept to shelf. This includes innovative design, precise engineering, efficient production, and decorative services. Our goal is to be your only stop when thinking about rigid PET packaging. 

  • INVESTment

Captiva invests in advanced equipment to create value for our clients by combining cutting-edge technologies from around the world to offer uncompromising product quality. We have the distinct advantage of investing in the latest technology in automation & robotics available for the industry. 


Captiva attends to each client with a dedicated team, approaching every project as an opportunity to present the highest standard of service. We strive to provide personalized service by understanding each customer's unique needs while delivering the highest quality product.


Captiva invests in sustainability as a matter of principle. Integrity is a core value in our relations with our environment as well as our clients & suppliers. To grow responsibly, our environmental efforts are guided by a long-term vision: zero waste, zero carbon footprint.